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The Borough of Far Hills offers public transportation via NJ Transit. Commuter parking is offered daily or in the form of a bi-annual permit.

You may park for FREE at the Far Hills Train Station under the following conditions only:
  • Federal holidays and weekends
  • Parking AFTER 9:00 am Monday through Friday 
At all other times, a fee is required.

You must first locate the daily commuter parking spots that are numbered toward the rear left of the parking lot when you pull in.  Once you locate a numbered spot, you must locate the drop box near the building where the train stops. Once you locate the box, identify the corresponding slot to the number of the spot you parked in and slide your $3.00 fee/per day into the box. This is a cash only transaction as the box does not accept checks or credit cards at this time. Please be advised the fee is required if you are parking in the spot between the hours of 2:30 am - 9:00 am Monday through Friday. 

If your vehicle will be parked at the train station overnight (between the hours of 2:30 am and 9:00 am), you will need to obtain an Overnight Parking Permit Application and submit the $3.00 fee/per night to the Borough of Far Hills located at 6 Prospect Street. Cash and check are acceptable forms of payment.

Parking permits are available during business hours at the Borough of Far Hills Clerk's Office at 6 Prospect Street. Cash and check are the only forms of payment.

Parking permits may be purchased bi-annually or annually and they are not pro-ratable or refundable. If you purchase a six month parking permit, you may park anytime at the NJ Transit Lot including overnight parking. Please indicate on the Six Month Parking Permit Application which six-month term (January-June or July-December) or select both for the entire year.