PD Chiefs Vehicle - Patrol Vehicle - Crop2

Chief of Police: Michael DeCarolis
Lieutenant: Christopher Kocur
Assistant to the Chief: Marisa Kennedy
Administrative Hours: Monday through Thursday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm and Friday - 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
The Police Department has officers on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.  For all non-emergency calls, please call 908.234.1192.

The Mission of the Far Hills Police Department is to foster a partnership with the community in which we professionally and effectively provide the highest level of protection and service while addressing the needs of those who come in contact with our agency with dignity, respect and empathy.

To register your residential burglar alarm, please submit a completed Alarm Registration form and the applicable fee (check made payable to the Borough of Far Hills) to the Borough of Far Hills Police Department.

By law, eligibility for a Temporary Parking Placard is limited to persons who have:
  • temporarily lost the use of one or more limbs
  • are temporarily disabled so as to be unable to ambulate without the aid of an assisting device
  • whose mobility is otherwise temporarily limited.

Please fill out the Application for a Temporary Placard and return it complete with the applicable fee to the Borough of Far Hills Police Department. Please contact the Police Department directly if you have any questions.

The Borough of Far Hills utilizes Nixle to send out alerts and information to residents. Nixle is free and can keep you up-to-date with relevant information from your local public safety departments & schools.


Crash Reports can be obtained in person during regular business hours or requested via email with a case number.  All report requests can be sent to kennedy@farhillspolice.org

Please direct all discovery requests to Marisa Kennedy, Assistant to the Chief of Police.  She can be reached at kennedy@farhillspolice.org

Update from the New Jersey State Police Firearms Application & Registration System (FARS)

For applications submitted prior to October 01, 2020, the paper permits must be obtained at Police Headquarters prior to going for purchase of handgun. Information about this is included in the email sent on application approval. DO NOT APPEAR AT POLICE HEADQUARTERS UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN CONTACTED TO RETRIEVE YOUR PERMIT.

For applications submitted online from October 01, 2020 onwards, the paper permits will no longer be available. They are being replaced by electronic permits. An e-Permit becomes active from the date of approval of S.T.S.033 application. An e-Permit is initially active for 90 days , and can be renewed once for another 90-days period. For an application with e-Permit, applicant can directly go to the licensed firearms dealership along with the information in the approval email to purchase a handgun. No paper permit will be issued by the Police Department for these applications.

For Far Hills Residents

The Firearms Application and Registration System (FARS) is the new online application process for obtaining Firearms ID cards and handgun permits.

FARS is taking the place of the STS 033 form. Applicants can apply online for all the same options as the paper application form with the exception of Permits to Carry.

All Far Hills Township residents should apply online via the New Jersey State Police FARS website.

FARS Procedure

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
    • Complete the online application on FARS. Applicants must use the Far Hills Police Department ORI number (NJ0180700). Applicant must utilize the correct ORI number.
    • If the applicant makes a mistake while applying, they simply can re-apply. All application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • FARS requires the applicant to provide email address and phone numbers of two reputable references (friends, co-workers, family members, etc.). References will receive a questionnaire via email. References must complete the questionnaire immediately in order to process your background investigation.
    • Applicants will receive automated email updates throughout the application process.
    • Mental Health Search Forms
  • If in the past 10 years (from application date) the applicant lived in other states, the applicant must submit a Mental Health Search Form at the Far Hills Police Department. Applicants will sign the form in the presence of a department representative, giving us permission to request mental health records outside of New Jersey.
  • Step 3
    • Applicants must pay for the Initial Firearms Identification Card (FID) and/or Pistol Purchase permits. Applications will not be processed until fee(s) are paid in full.
    • The FID card fee is $5.00. Each handgun permit fee is $2.00. The fee(s) are non-refundable and are required per NJAC 13:54-1.4. Check or money order is accepted. Make checks payable to the Borough of Far Hills.
    • Payments must be made in person during normal business hours. Applicants must bring all of the following; payment, valid driver’s license and/or photo ID, a printed copy of the FARS application that includes confirmation number.
  • Step 4
    • Once the application is completed, approved and paid for, a police department representative will contact the applicant to pick up their FID card.

Police Department Hours/Contact

Applicants can make payment and obtain FID cards by appointment. Please contact Detective Corporal Ryan Kamieniecki (kamieniecki@farhillspolice.org). Report to the Records Bureau window in Police Headquarters. For questions or concerns regarding cards and permits, contact us at 908-234-1992 or email the Chief’s assistant, Marisa Kennedy (kennedy@farhillspolice.org).

First Time Applicants & Current Firearms Identification (FID) Card Holders

First time applicants must be fingerprinted. During the FARS process, the applicant will be prompted to the IdentoGO website, https://uenroll.identogo.com for fingerprinting.

If the applicant has been previously fingerprinted for firearms purposes, upon completion of the application and payment, the applicant will complete an online 212A Form for a background check.

Questions or concerns regarding FARS can be directed to the New Jersey State Police at 609-882-2000.

Pursuant to AG Directive 2021-6, the revised June 2021 Internal Affairs Policies & 
Procedures (“IAPP”) at Section 9.11.2 requires agencies to publish on their website a synopsis of 
information regarding officers who receive major discipline.
Agencies must also submit this information to the Attorney General and to their County Prosecutor. 
By August 9, 2021, the first report (covering the period June 15, 2020, through 
December 31, 2020) must be published on the agency website and submitted to the Attorney 
General and the County Prosecutor.